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 Local Ayrshire  Artist - Derek  Wishart - Sea & Landscape  Scottish Artist

A published  Scottish artist.

Even from his early years Derek showed a Great love of Art,

Particularly the works of the Great Impressionist Artist – Not at least Turner,

He went on to be Educated  lived in Edinburgh,



This inspired him to go to study art, both at college.


Derek himself moved into impressionist art, inspired by the beauty of the ever – changing Scottish Landscape.  His paintings are as diverse as the landscape, often featuring the Clyde Estuary, Arran and the Island around Ayrshire and the Rugged Scottish Highlands & Lochs.


Derek now based in the coastal town of Ayr says,” In each of my pieces, I aim to capture the moment in Acrylics and oils, using all manner of utensils, including palate knives, sponges, all types of brushes, in fact anything else to hand in the studio, to create my unique style of art.


My main ambition is to take the viewer on a journey into the painting to give them a sense of peace and harmony.”


His art works are now in private collections in the UK, Canada, USA, Spain, Norway,  Holland. Croatia,  Germany, Australia, Sweden, France,



Derek continues to enjoy creating each piece and a wide selection of originals  and limited edition prints available for sale. He also relishes the challenge of undertaking private commissions.



Art - Gallery- Buchannan Galleries , Gasgow

Glasgow Stag Art Gallery. Buchannan  Gallery, Glasgow.

Frame by Frame Ayr.

Art & Joy - Saltcoats.

Many Thanks Gallery



 Derek Wishart  Ayrshire Artist. is featured in 

Imago Mundi - Myth/Reality  Contemporary Artists from Scotland.

Local Ayrshire Artist.


I am proud  to have been  invited  & selected  to be published as one of the  top 140 artists  

Imago Mundi - Myth/Reality  Contemporary Artists from Scotland.


 One critic said - "quote" 


" You cannot simply glance at Derek's work and walk on, but stop and become involved "


 Making his work rare and sought after & collectable.


Derek Wishart - Official Home Decor - Products- Wall

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