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Scottish artist, Derek Wishart

Posted on 19th September, 2021

Welcome to Derek wishart Artist  Blog been offered this see below.

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Dear Mr Wishart

My name is Petru-Ioan Pandrea, I am a Filmmaking and Screen writing student at the University of the West of Scotland and I am developing a documentary idea for my Digital Filmmaking module for next term. I love art and I find it as the core of humanity. And so, I shaped my documentary idea around the visual art world, aiming to inspire and encourage everyone to learn and embrace into the unique universe of art. Moreover, as I also love Scotland, I would like to screen and promote Scottish artists and adopt an authentic strategy to my documentary idea.
While researching and working in the development of my concept, I had the pleasure to find your website and to admire your amazing landscapes of Ayr and Ayrshire coast. Paintings that inspired me to design the subject of my film in such way to convey the story of a scottish artist, and the beauty of Scotland and Ayrshire.

This being said, I would love to have you and your art as subject of our short documentary, as I have been intrigued by your work and story, loving and following the impressionist art and movement myself.

If you accept to be part of our story ( which we hope you will ) I would like to let you know that, at this early stage, the project needs to finish pre-production in order to be chosen by the module coordinators to go further in the production process by the end of February. There are 48 film proposals and if our project is chosen we can start filming by the beginning of March, where I can assure you that, if COVID19 restrictions are still in place, we will strictly respect all the legal provisions.

Thank you in advance for your time, reading and replying to my email ! 


I am looking forward to your reply! 


Best regards,


Petru-Ioan Pandrea